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Earth Hour – Brings out the idiots

March 29th, 2009 · Health and Environment, Welcome

I am pro Earth. I am also pro “Earth Hour”. I do not believe in destroying all our energy sources, or making our entire planet a dumpster. I believe that our children, and their children should be able to enjoy this planet, too.

Even if someone doubts Global Warming or the hole in the Ozone, is there any doubt that our planets resources are finite? Read more about Earth Hour.

I don’t understand ignorant people, but can accept that they do exist. However, there is a line where ignorance becomes stupidity. This guy in New Hope, Pa. austin isd cloud crosses that line and it’s just unbelievable. Even if he thinks that global warming is “nonsense” I am still stunned by his response:

“The resident of New Hope, Pa., and owner of Gerenser’s Exotic Ice Cream planned to illuminate his store with extra theatrical lighting.

“I’m going to get everyone I know in my neighborhood to turn on every light they possibly can to waste as much electricity as possible to underline the absurdity of this action … by being absurd,” he said.” – from Yahoo News

Why is his extra lighting good? What does he want to accomplish or achieve? Does he prove anything beyond showing the world he is an idiot? We are in the middle of a recession, too many people have lost their jobs and struggle with little or no money. Obviously he has too much. He enjoys wasting it and bragging about it. If he has so much money to waste, why doesn’t he help people in need instead?

What is his real goal? What does he want to prove? That he has the right to burn as much electricity as he can? He can waste with no limits?

Well, I wouldn’t waste a dime in his store that’s for sure….

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Florida Landfills

March 5th, 2009 · Health and Environment

A friend of mine is living within 2 miles of a solid waste landfill located Pompano Beach, Florida. She has become more concerned about living that close to a landfill, so she asked the Florida Department of Health about the landfill.

Here’s some of the email chain. I’ve left out the names of both parties.

“…I’ve been living here for 12 years, my daughter was a month old when we moved in… I would like information if we are breathing in these gases from the dump and if there are more cases of cancer in my zip code!

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hopefully my fears will be put to rest.”

Florida Department of Health:
“Landfills emit gases. The type and volume of emitted gas varies widely depending on the fill composition, landfill construction, and the age of the landfill.

Because gas emissions vary widely between landfills, air testing would be necessary to determine the health risk, but because air testing around landfills is not required by law it is rarely done.”

“Thank you for your time and help.

Just curious … if gas emissions from the dump could be a health risk, then why wouldn’t air testing be done routinely?”

Florida Department of Health:
“The state does not require routine testing around landfills, drop off facilities, or sewage treatment plants. I’m unfamiliar with the regulatory history of air monitoring at these facilities. The state environmental agency has jurisdiction at these facilities.”


So, if you are concerned about a landfill close to you in Florida, we can tell that they do emit gases – (oh ya … so that’s what smells!) – but no one knows if they are bad for you, and no one is checking. Maybe they are good for you?

Most importantly the Florida Department of Health website has their mission:
“Promote, protect and improve the health of all people in Florida. ”

Yeah, that’s right.

Wow, I thought it was Palm Beach County that put the DUH in Florida!

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August 10th, 2008 · Other - Abroad

It’s nice to keep traditions alive. There are still festivals where the young can mingle with the elderly and learn the past, so they can take it into the future.

Csango Festival

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“Settlement will reduce carcinogens in potato chips”

August 2nd, 2008 · In the News

AP News:
“Four food manufacturers agreed to reduce levels of a cancer-causing chemical in their potato chips and french fries under a settlement announced Friday by the state attorney general’s office.”

Should I be happy for this, or think about all the chips that I had already eaten?

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Magazine Subscriptions by Motherhood Maternity

July 26th, 2008 · Scams and scum

Watch out for these scumbags! If they get your name and address, they will sign you up for magazines. They supposed to ask you first if you wanted the subscription, but they will just casually ignore that part. So suddenly you will receive a payment request from a magazine, and it says you have subscribed for 20 issues. Even though you haven’t. Of course you can cancel the magazine without paying for the stuff you never asked for, but you have to bother finding the phone number, and calling the magazine, and waiting for a representative. As if you had nothing better to do….
So watch out, and do not give your name, or address, and do not use your credit card with these scums!

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Chemically treated organic shirts…

July 26th, 2008 · Senseless

I was looking for an organic shirt for my husband on Nordstrom’s web site. I’ve found organic shirts with Smartcare™ wrinkle free treatment. I wasn’t sure what Smartcare was, so I asked the online rep. She told me that:

“The shirts are dipped in special solution, basked, pressed, washed with a softening agent and pressed again before folding. The easy care market is competitive and the manufacturer does not disclose the chemicals used in the finish. However, it has proven to be safe within all government approved tolerances on this Resin based finish.”

Well, no matter how safe is a chemical, it’s still not organic, is it? Why would you buy an organic shirt that has been chemically treated? Why would you sell it? What sense does this make? NONE!

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AT&T online sales support

July 20th, 2008 · DUH

I was looking for a phone with low SAR level, and was on the AT&T web site, when a chat window popped up offering help. Since I couldn’t find any data on SAR levels on that site, I accepted the offer, and started to chat with a sales person. Here’s our little chat:

Thank you for your patience! An AT&T sales representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Traci, an AT&T sales representative.
Traci: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?
Eva: hi
Traci: Good morning!
Eva: I am looking for a phone with low SAR level
Traci: Are you an existing wireless customer of AT&T?
Eva: why?
Eva: does that change the SAR level?
Traci: I just need to know if you are replacing a phone or opening a new account with us?
Eva: new account, but only if I find a phone with low SAR
Traci: Certainly. May I please have your home zip code?
Eva: dear Traci
Eva: before we get to that point
Eva: I need to know if AT&T offers a phone with low SAR
Eva: I can’t see it in the specifications
Eva: no data online
Traci: To bring up any offers in your area, I would need to first have your home zip code.
Eva: could you just please tell me which models have the lowest SAR?
Traci: Just a moment please.
Traci: Unfortunately we do not have information on the levels available.
Eva: every phone has an SAR rating
Eva: it’s on their specifications
Eva: it’s on the box, or in the box on the documents
Eva: you cannot possibly sell a cell phone without that number
Traci: Yes but there is not a way to narrow a search down online based on these levels.
Eva: I know that
Eva: hoever it is the law to make all cell phones below a certain level
Eva: so AT&T has to have the information
Eva: on all phones
Eva: by law
Eva: so, I am looking for the one that your company offers that has the lowest SAR
Traci: Yes, I certainly understand. Which phone were you looking at specifically? I can look into it for you.
Eva: I looked at all of them
Eva: I really don’t care which one I buy as long as it has low SAR
Traci: Please contact Customer Care for further assistance with this.
Eva: in email?
Traci: Please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-331-0500 or 611 from your cell phone for assistance with this.
Eva: ok
Eva: thnaks
Eva: thanks
Traci: You’re welcome.
Eva: and here is some infomation for you
Traci: Did you have any other questions that I can help you with today?
Eva: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/sar/
Traci: Feel free to chat again if you any other questions do come up.
Eva: no, but please tell your company to place this data on their web site
Traci: Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a great day.

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Backward society

July 20th, 2008 · In the News

Thieves steal our cars. What do we do? Punish them enough to stop them? Working on catching them? NO! Instead we pay more money to invent car alarms that are not that successful, and we raise our insurance.

Burglars break into our homes. Do we eliminate them? Do we punish them enough so that it wouldn’t be worth for them to steal? NO! We pay for alarm systems, and buy more insurance.

Idiots smoking in bed burn themselves. Do we just warn them and let non smokers to be in healthy environment? NO! We drench everybody’s home, regardless of smokers or non-smokers, with toxic fire retardant chemicals. Yes, more people die this way each year due to inhaling toxic fumes, but it can’t be proved like burned by cigarette smoking in bed, right?

When somebody gets sick, do doctors try to find the source? Do they try to find what causes the problem, and eliminate the cause? NO! They treat the symptoms, and hope they will go away, and that we eventually get better.

Kids at school are developing too quickly from the hormones they consume with everyday food. They are also getting obese from consuming sugary drinks, and hormonally treated, generically modified food. Do we stop feeding our children with hormones and who-knows-what artificial crap? NO! We just try to come up with special diets, diet pills and surgeries to make them less fat.

So when did we become so backwards? Most of all why? Are we really this stupid?

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November 28th, 2007 · Scams and scum

I just can’t believe what a bunch of cheaters they are! Do not believe them, and NEVER buy anything from Liquidation.com! The sellers can advertise something, then send you something else! Something really really bad quality. When you complain to liquidation.com, and fill out the forms they request on their site, they will NEVER answer you. If you keep complaining, they don’t even read your e-mails. There is nothing you can do.

If there is a company that you should not trust that is Liquidation.com.
The people who are working there to make sure that customers will be screwed over are: William P. Angrick, III, Jaime Mateus-Tique, Benjamin R. Brown, James M. Rallo, Thomas B. Burton, James E. Williams, Holger Schwartz, Phillip A. Clough, Patrick W. Gross, Franklin D. Kramer, F. David Fowler, Robert Johnson, Michael Dabrowski, Erika Denney, Kellie McBride.

Don’t trust these guys!

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The Ranks of the Richest

September 20th, 2007 · In the News

So Forbes has the ranks of the richest Americans. The top 400! Of course #1 is William Gates III. Then there’s Warren Buffett, and Sheldon Adelson, etc….
I want to know where do I rank! I want the whole country to be ranked. All 300 million Americans! I want to know if I’m the 10 millionth, or the 230 millionth. Boy, it must suck to be the 300 millionth…

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